Covid-19 Ruminations

Did not see it coming, as we were engrossed in producing and consuming, mobile phones to luxury cruise ships, exotic bottled water to mega stadiums, where modern day gladiators kick, hurl and hit, balls of different shapes and sizes. There were prophecies, but then we had them from time to time including about the end of the world. They even made movies about it. To me “pandemic” was nothing more than the name of a Hollywood movie. In all those movies an American hero saves the world! Now the world knows better.
How did it affect me? I am unsure, like most things in life, drifting along, existing because I was born. Did we as humans, get our priorities wrong? Eventually the virus will disappear and our memory of it, until next time. For now, I am glad I am here, in this city, surrounded with a group of people I call friends and I am feeling blessed….

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