Every last one of them was eliminated, except for one
Only one remained solemnly in the field
The one that everyone can see in hindsight
The one everyone should learn from
Freesia, standing in the middle of the battlefield
Spectating and observing and thinking
When and where man-kind go wrong
Life was never designed to be like this
To make us see the rest of us our species this way
To take the civilised and subconsciously manipulate them
They say with time, you are meant to learn
When we learn, we gain knowledge
But with knowledge we have become cynical
Knowledge is meant to give us the righteous power we desire
The power we have sacrificed everything for
The power in which we can learn from
The power in which we grow with
Not banish us to believe in selfishness
Living with the thought of one man for himself
The only way to survive, as one would concur
No need to compete to survive
Knowledge doesn’t give us power
It corrupts power and provides a gateway for cynicism
Cynicism obstructs the ways of life
The way of our life
The real way of life, not the one we are living
The one that we are meant to pass on to our children and their children
The one that we have modernised and so called improved
The one that we have demolished with our inhumane behaviour
Innocence has been revoked and cynicism has conquered
Innocence has faded
A single Freesia, the only antidote
A drop of innocence at the heart of all evil
That heart belongs to us.

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