Cloud Boy by Marcia Williams: Book Review

Book Review:Cloud Boy by Marcia Williams

Cloud Boy by Marcia Williams is a truly amazing book. The book is about Angie Moon and her best friend Harry Christmas and their friendship. It is written from the perspective of Angie through diary entries.
Marcia Williams is a children’s book author and illustrator. She was born in the UK in 1945. Marcia mainly writes books about different mythologies and ancient civilization; so, Cloud Boy was a step in a very different direction.
During the book, Harry falls extremely ill with headaches that don’t seem to go away. Angie sticks by Harry through the thick and thin. Angie struggles to cope without being able to see Harry every day because of his regular hospital visits. Harry rarely is seen at school, so Angie has to make new friends but she just doesn’t want to.
I loved Cloud Boy so much. It taught me importance of holding your head up high during tough times. Angie was a loyal best friend and even though she is fictional, I strive to be as loyal and devoted as her. It taught me that even after days of great joy and happiness, things can go very wrong. Cloud Boy was gripping, enjoyable, heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time. It is a real page turner. The fact that it is written through diary entries makes it more fun and easy to read and also makes all the emotions Angie feels and goes through seem more realistic.

Cloud Boy is an exceptionally moving book. It can make you smile or cry. It is suitable for children over the age of 9 because it does deal with some tough topics. I have given this book to people who don’t particularly like reading and they have been hooked. I’d recommend this book to anyone.

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